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Commercial landscaping with propane

The benefits of propane for commercial landscaping

There are many reasons propane is becoming an increasingly popular fuel choice among commercial landscapers. Here are just a few:

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  • Reduced fuel costs: landscapers who have switched to propane have reported savings of as much as 30% to 40% compared with gasoline.
  • Lower emissions: Reduced carbon emissions allow you to position your company as more environmentally friendly than your competitors. This can also benefit you when bidding on jobs.
  • Easier refueling: Propane is easily delivered right to your HQ or the job site. With no more trips to gas stations, there’s much less down time for your crews.
  • Cleaner refueling: Propane offers spill-free, zero-emission fueling. Propane is much less flammable than gasoline, and it is also nontoxic.
  • A proven performer: Propane has been fueling commercial landscaping equipment for years.
  • American made: Switching from gas to propane lessens our dependence on imported fuel.

The Alliance Small Engine conversion system

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Green’s Blue Flame employs a conversion kit designed and manufactured by Alliance Small Engines, the recognized leader in propane small engine conversion systems.

Alliance Small Engine systems are available for small gasoline utility engines from 1 to 45Hp. These ASE systems are manufactured using the highest OEM material to ensure best performance and longevity.

Our system is specifically designed for small engines. Here are key benefits of the Alliance Small Engine conversion system:

  • Systems are EPA certified and tested in an OEM sanctioned test lab
  • Complete system includes all necessary installation items
  • Fuel filtration on each system to maintain the quality of the regulator
  • Specifically designed regulator with integrated solenoid for fuel shut-off
  • Two-stage fuel delivery, and safety integration second to none
  • Quality of molding of components insures consistent quality and resistance to harsh environments in everyday operation
  • Sleek design with OEM quality system components

Why Green’s Blue Flame should be your commercial landscaping partner

When you choose to work with Green’s Blue Flame to convert you commercial landscaping equipment, we’ll provide a return on investment (ROI) calculation as part of our estimate to determine if converting to propane makes sense for you over the life of your mower.

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In addition, Green’s Blue Flame works closely with you throughout the entire process, including:

  • Estimate/ROI
  • Mower conversions
  • Rack and cylinder delivery or fueling infrastructure installation
  • Scheduled fueling program
  • Warranty and maintenance on propane systems

We offer pricing transparency so our commercial landscaper clients fully understand all aspects of the program. And you will be glad to know that local and accessible service technicians are available to quickly solve problems with fueling infrastructure or other equipment. Interested in learning more? Please contact us today.